What Is Time Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia? Analysis of Features and Potential Issues

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    TrackQlik #1 Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia Managers and staff use time tracking software to record work hours for billing, payroll, and operations. They are used to automate payroll or client invoicing by capturing time spent on given tasks. They can also provide insights into your operations, such as which tasks consume the most time and money from your employees, allowing users to manage project budgets.

    TrackQlik #1 Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia

    What Is Time Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia? Analysis of Features and Potential Issues

    What Is Time Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia? Analysis of Features and Potential Issues

    Time Tracking Software Features

    What is the purpose of time tracking software? These are the features that all time tracking software has. They could be bundled into a single package or sold separately as add-on or integrated features.

    Time tracking

    This key capability, in general, collects real-time worked hours down to the minute and records them on a timesheet. The timesheet is used to accurately charge clients or compute payroll. You can also use time tracking to visualize tasks in a timeline. It aids project managers and leaders in forecasting deadlines and completion dates.

    Timesheet online

    A timesheet, which centralizes all recorded billable hours, is not included in every time tracking software in Saudi Arabia. The timesheet serves as an attendance report, as well as a record of absences, vacations, and holidays. It’s commonly saved as a PDF or CSV file and used for payroll or invoicing.

    Invoicing over the internet

    If you bill clients by the hour or minute, this tool is a must-have. The tool accurately counts all worked hours and creates invoices based on your parameters, such as billable time and rates. This tool enables you to invoice clients in a transparent manner, avoiding disagreements. In addition, the programme automates wage computations, which is a huge time saver for small enterprises.


    Notifications can be used in a variety of ways. When employees fail to check in or out, for example, a reminder is issued to them. You can also be notified in advance if the team is running late. Similarly, your team and its members can be notified of pending or urgent work. Notifications can be sent to a variety of channels and devices, including email, SMS, and the dashboard.

    Analytics and reporting 

    It allows you to study a wide range of data related to jobs by creating reports and summaries with only a few clicks. You can, for example, look at the total amount of time spent on a project, dig down to specifics like monthly and daily statistics, or look at the figures per job. You may also conduct budget analytics to see where you can save money. Charts and graphs are used to visualize reports.

    Purchasing considerations

    What is the process of using time tracking software in Saudi Arabia? Apart from the time monitoring feature, make sure you include these points to ensure your app’s long-term usage. 

    Is payroll integration possible? Many solutions include a payroll module or link with third-party payroll systems. Ascertain that the program can assist you in automating the entire process of capturing billable hours to create payslips or invoices. The app should interface with other critical business solutions, such as project management, accounting, and productivity tools, in addition to payroll.

    Is the software available in a variety of formats? There will be instances when you need to track a field or remote team’s billable hours. In this instance, a mobile-friendly app will be beneficial. Cloud apps allow you to use your browser to access the system. Make sure the app works with a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems and browsers.

    Is it possible to use it without an internet connection? At some time, internet connectivity will be a concern. Offline-capable apps provide you the flexibility to adjust to internet outages. When you return to the internet, the data is synced and updated to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

    What is the level of detail in the reports? It’s preferable if you can slice and dice data for reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. This allows insights to be scaled to a variety of users, such as field supervisors, managers, and the executive board.

    Micromanagement is inefficient. Ironically, time monitoring can waste a manager’s time if he or she ends up trying to keep track of everyone’s duties in minute detail because the software allows it. This isn’t maximizing the value of time tracking; instead, supervisors should assign time tracking software in Saudi Arabia to subordinates.

    Potential Issues

    There are a few drawbacks to time monitoring software. These are the most prevalent issues with this software category, the majority of which can be overcome with the appropriate mindset.

    Is it better to manage projects or track time? 

    Is it better to have a time tracking app with project management tools or vice versa? If time is the most important metric to you, a time tracking tool may be more appropriate. However, if you handle large projects, you’ll need more project management tools, and time tracking is one of them.

    Demoralization, as well as a privacy issue.

     We generally dislike having our activities tracked in such detail, which gives us the uneasy feeling of living in an Orwellian environment. While time tracking provides extensive information about employee actions, it can also lead to privacy violations and lower employee morale. Similarly, once creative minds are caged in by mechanical daily targets, it might turn them off.

    Time isn’t always a factor in productivity. 

    Many duties may be easily evaluated based on hours worked, but some jobs, such as sales, marketing, and creatives, do not have a set schedule. These tasks are frequently evaluated based on outcomes like sales quotas, ROI targets, and creative outputs, which are not suitable for a time tracker.

    User adoption is low.

    Employee resistance to a time tracking software in Saudi Arabia may arise, especially if the employer has been lenient with employee hours. Although this is a workplace issue, it will result in low app adoption. Managers and staff may not easily migrate to the system if the app is difficult to use, for example, if it requires a lot of clicks to execute a single function.


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