The Pros And Cons Of  Tools Of Time Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia For Employees

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    TrackQlik #1 Tracking software in Saudi Arabia It is your obligation to give your staff the tools they need to succeed. One approach to do this is to keep track of your time. You can analyze their work with minimal effort if you provide them with a simple and accessible tool to log their time.

    You can identify areas for development, set realistic targets, streamline reporting and invoicing, and increase communication once you know about their productivity.

    TrackQlik #1 Tracking software in Saudi Arabia

    The Pros And Cons Of  Tools Of Time Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia For Employees

    The Pros And Cons Of  Tools Of Time Tracking Software in Saudi Arabia For Employees

    Many employees, in fact, do not want to keep track of their time. They can feel that you’re micromanaging them or that you don’t trust them. Fortunately, there are steps you can do to ensure that your team is on board and that you get the most out of employee time monitoring. Here are some ideas for you.

    Explain the Goal: Employees are more likely to see time tracking in a favorable light if you explain the main goal. Declare that time tracking will assist your staff in improving their work habits, allowing you to increase sales and enhance your bottom line.

    Communicate Expectations: Time monitoring does not imply that your staff must keep track of everything they do at all times of the day. Tell them what they need to track and how much time they should devote to it each week.

    Use Time Tracking to Benefit Your Employees, Not Against Them: Before switching jobs, keep in mind that your staff require breaks and time to recharge. However, if you observe a long-term pattern or behavior that could be troublesome, approach it with compassion.

    Tools for Business Owners to Track Time

    Fortunately, there are numerous time-tracking tools available. The best employee time monitoring software is simple to use and set up. It should also be cost-effective and compatible with your employees’ work processes.

    We’ve produced a list of some of the top time tracking programs to make your hunt for the perfect time tracking tool a little easier.


    Toggl is a time tracking software in Saudi Arabia that focuses on making it simple to keep track of your time. To begin automatically tracking time, simply click “start” when you begin and “stop” when you finish. Toggl works with your computer, Chrome, Mozilla, Android, and iPhone. A free plan is available, which includes a number of time-tracking tools, weekly reporting, and unlimited project and client creation.


    Hubstaff makes it simple to keep track of employee schedules and time. It can snap up to three screenshots every ten minutes, track mouse movements and keyboard clicks, and monitor internet and app usage.


    Tick charges per project and enables unlimited users with each subscription, unlike other time tracking apps that charge per user. Tick can save you a lot of money if you work on a lot of projects and have a large staff.

    Tick can also be used to track in real-time or manually by entering data.

    The Benefits of Time Tracking for Your Employees

    The following are some of the notable benefits of time tracking your employees:

    Accurate estimates and billing

    When a client inquires about a new project, you can check past data from similar projects to provide accurate estimates and billing. This will help you to accurately estimate the time and cost. It will also ensure that there are less differences between estimates and bills.

    Improved Capacity Management:

    You can acquire insight into your existing capacity by using data from prior projects. In essence, staff time tracking software in Saudi Arabia can assist you in determining whether or not you are capable of taking on new client assignments. You may also make certain that the proper job is assigned to the right individual, allowing you to get the most out of your team.

    Greater Productivity: 

    Time tracking will reveal how your staff spend their time, allowing you to increase productivity. You’ll be able to find hours of “dead time,” or time spent on pursuits that don’t generate income.

    Clearer Objectives: 

    By tracking time throughout certain tasks, your team members will be able to define clear goals and reduce confusion. Everyone will be affected.

    Communicate Progress: 

    Without time tracking, it might be difficult for employees to keep track of their progress. They’ll be able to alert their bosses about deadlines and assess whether they require further assistance using a time monitoring application.

    Improved Remote Employee Tracking: 

    Remote employment is more common today than it has ever been. If your workers work from home, you can monitor their time management and verify they’re doing a good job.

    Savings of time:

     Some jobs need staff to manually fill out timesheets. This might be a lengthy procedure. By acquiring the essential data, an automatic time tracking solution can solve this problem.

    Reduced Costs: 

    Productivity loss can be quite costly to your company. You may boost income and improve efficiency by investing in time tracking and prioritising productivity.

    Time Tracking’s Potential Drawbacks

    The following are the key disadvantages of time tracking:

    Employee Morale:

     Using time tracking software in Saudi Arabia may make your staff feel as though you don’t trust them. As a result, it’s critical to explain why you’re keeping track of time. Time tracking, according to the statement, can improve transparency and eliminate micromanagement.

    Micromanagement Risk: 

    By giving you a good picture of what your staff are working on, time monitoring can help you avoid micromanaging. You might be tempted to micromanage and scrutinize every piece of their work, though. Make every attempt to give your personnel room and demonstrate that you believe in them.

    More time and money:

    Even while time tracking is designed to save time and money, it may have the opposite effect. Improper implementation or the use of the incorrect tool might cost you time and money. Select a solution that includes automation, clear KPIs, and detailed reporting.

    Lasting Thoughts

    You may be thinking if time tracking is right for your company because it has some drawbacks. It may, nevertheless, aid in the improvement of your operations. Time monitoring has been proven time and time again to be an effective approach to boost productivity and profitability. It could be exactly what your small business needs to grow to new heights.

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