How Can You Prevent Fuel Waste And Start Monitoring Your Driver Idling Time With Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan During Covid-19?

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    TrackQlik#1 Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan helps you to reduce the fraud of fuel. And causes wear and tear to the neglected vehicle. Saving excessive vehicles is a major drawback for fleet owners as it results in higher fuel consumption. Let’s say, for example, if a car is idle for more than 30 seconds, that means it is a waste of time to consider the amount of fuel. Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan offers a plethora of features, including slow vehicle tracking, to improve the fleet’s production capacity.

    TrackQlik#1 Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan

    How Can You Prevent Fuel Waste And Start Monitoring Your Driver Idling Time With Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan During Covid-19?

    How Can You Prevent Fuel Waste And Start Monitoring Your Driver Idling Time With Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan During Covid-19?

    Typical conditions include heating the vehicle (in addition to the necessary defrosting). Leaving school and raising children; stopping at the post office, stores, and recycling. Waiting to pass through road work sites, and drive-thru waiting on windows. The best practice is to park your car and enter the restaurant, school banks, and so on rather than in the drive-up lanes

    Although the emission control system takes longer to warm up and becomes fully operational in cold weather, the slowdown will not help. Modern vehicles need a little warm-up. They are more efficient when driven because the heating catalyzes the catalytic converter and other mechanical parts that are not cheaply heated. Prolonged cheaper in cold weather can actually cause excessive engine wear. According to the Department of Energy, the best way to heat a vehicle is to drive it.

    Nowadays, most fleet owners rely on Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan to track the slow times of their vehicles. For idle time monitoring, the Tracking can be fixed in the vehicle’s dashboard without interrupting the beauty of the interior of the vehicle. If the driver assumes that the driver has been idle for a long time, a warning will be made to the fleet/vehicle owner for notifying them of excessive idle time of the vehicle, so that they can take immediate action. Fleet management systems should be used in each vehicle to eliminate fuel waste problems. Reasonable engine time is directly proportional to fuel consumption such as unauthorized trips, violations such as high speed, severe acceleration, severe braking, and frequent short trips – on / offtime monitoring for engine performance to improve performance and efficiency. Can be used for your vehicle

    Fuel Card Fraud Costs Big Money

    That being mentioned, businesses lose tons of money because of people like John. In particular, there are two big costs.

    Using Fuel Card Integration to Reduce Fraud

    With Delivery software in Pakistan, many businesses are avoiding fuel card fraud by automating fuel purchase auditing. One of those companies is Entergy, a publicly listed energy company. Fuel card integration combines purchasing data with vehicle forensic evidence such as vehicle location and fuel engine levels.

    Fuel card integration eliminates fuel card fraud by flagging suspicious transactions. For instance, consider the following 3 measures.

    Location & Log

    Location and log measure a company vehicle’s location and driving hours. Fuel card integration triggers an alert if there is a fuel card purchase but the company vehicle is not in the area.

    Tracking software in Pakistan is an extremely useful alert because it targets the most common fuel card fraud where drivers fuel a personal car instead of a company car.

    Fuel Level

    Fuel level corresponds to changes in a company vehicle’s fuel tank during fuel purchases. There is an alert if an employee uses a fuel card but their company vehicle’s fuel level doesn’t change. Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan provides an additional protection layer because it detects thieves who use fuel cards on an empty jerry can.


    Lastly, fuel cards look at match measures. In other words, fuel card integration checks if fuel goes into the correct vehicle. Driver Tracking Software In Pakistan is useful for cutting down on company policy violations where employees use fuel cards for a coworker’s vehicle. Fuel card integration is only one of several fuel card best practices.

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