Defect Tracking Tools of 2021: The Best Bug tools for Tracking software in Saudi Arabia

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    TrackQlik #1 Tracking software in Saudi Arabia We’re testers, which means we look for bugs. Our major job description is around finding, recording, reporting, managing, and tracking defects, bugs, issues, faults, failures, and incidents. Using an excel sheet to record/track and emails to report/alert/communicate has no disadvantages.

    As the size of the projects, the number of test cycles, and the number of individuals participating rises, it becomes critical to have a much stronger framework in place to make managing these challenges easier and more consistent.

    TrackQlik #1 Tracking software in Saudi Arabia

    Defect Tracking Tools of 2021: The Best Bug tools for Tracking software in Saudi Arabia

    Defect Tracking Tools of 2021: The Best Bug tools for Tracking software in Saudi Arabia

    It is critical to have the following features in bug tracking software:

    • Reporting tool – has fields for describing the bug, its environment, module, severity, and screenshots, among other things.
    • What good is a bug if all you can do with it is find it and keep it to yourself?
    • Moving through the stages of the life cycle – Workflow
    • Comments/history/work logs
    • Graphs or charts are used in reports.

    The features of the essence, as mentioned above, are definitely required for any system claiming to be a bug tracking system. Apart from that, there may be extra convenience features such as watching, saving searches, and so on, as well as some assurances such as voting, showing bug information in a live broadcast, and so on.

    While ease and confidence are good to have, it is the essential qualities that become the game-changers during the evaluation and decision-making process. There’s also the issue of economics to consider.

    We understand that the number of tools available on the market is vast, with some of them being ideal for you and others falling short.

    Use of a bug tracking system has a number of advantages.

    Is It Possible to Become a Better Tester Using a Defect Management Tool?

    I’m not a huge fan of tools that are just good for one thing. You want a tool to assist you in numerous ways, whether it’s a kitchen gadget or job management software.

    Why Use a Defect Tracking Tool in the First Place?

    In the absence of Bug Tracking software in Saudi Arabia Tool, teams report, track, and move issues using spreadsheets. While this may be a decent short-term answer for small teams and projects, it is not a long-term solution.

    What is the reason for this?

    When used as your primary method of defect tracking and management, spreadsheets/Excel sheets provide a slew of problems.

    The following are a handful of them:

    Too many large emails: Does this seem familiar? Excel files with screenshot attachments can be several megabytes in size. I frequently have spreadsheets with emails attached sitting in my outbox, ready to be sent or receive a mailbox full alert as soon as I get one.

    Lack of real-time visibility into bug discovery and progress/status: We don’t know about an issue as soon as it’s discovered, thus we don’t have real-time visibility into its discovery and progress/status. We also have no real-time knowledge of whether an issue has been retested, returned, or otherwise.

    Because there is no automatic alerting system, faults go unnoticed unless someone goes out of their way to check for them.

    Problems with Work Assignments: We don’t know who has what problem or what they’re doing. It’s never as obvious as you’d like to know if it’s been taken up for resolution, what priority it has, and so on.

    To find out what’s going on, you may need to call, email, or send an IM.

    Lack of central repository: Too many directories, release-wise, module-wise, or something else-wise, due to the lack of a central repository.

    You’re essentially playing a guessing game as to where the issue might be if you wish to go back to a flaw that was reported in a previous release or perhaps a few releases ago, and which was commented on by the developer in a certain way.

    Even if you did locate it, you might not have all of the necessary information for tracking software in Saudi Arabia

    3 Intangible Advantages of Bug Tracking Systems

    I guarantee that the flaws in your report will be superior, valid, and easier to grasp, with a greater rate of defects being picked for resolution.

    Recognize Defect Trends

    We’re not talking about defect density, defect per need, or anything like that. We’re discussing gaining a better knowledge of the system being tested. 

    Let’s pretend you’re new to application testing. Check your Bug Tracking tool for the kind of defects that have been previously reported if you are still learning the system.

    Pay special attention to the following points:

    • Is there a component, module, or functional area of the application that has a higher number of defects than the others?
    • Have there been any platform/compatibility issues in the past?
    • Were there any environmental issues, and were they treated as standard flaws by this team?
    • How long did it take to fix the defect? How long did it take from the time the defect was reported to the time it was fixed or closed?
    • How old are the flaws on average?

    Standards for Defect Reporting are well-understood

    Every business, every project, every team, and every individual is now unique. Even if there are a few general principles for writing defect reports, nothing beats your own in-house research in tracking software in Saudi Arabia.

    Look for the following in your Defect Tracking tool:

    • Which defect reports were returned with the message “Insufficient information”?
    • What ideas for improvements were taken into account?
    • What flaws are still unresolved?
    • Is it true that reports containing screenshots are more likely to be fixed?
    • Check out why the developers changed the severity of the problem. This may reveal what aspects of the team are “serious” and which are not.

    Avoid duplicates and ideas that aren’t valid

    You will naturally become a better tester if you understand your application, your team’s work culture, and your development team. You’ll be able to see what has already been reported, as well as what has been suggested and rejected.

    You may now concentrate on finding new defects, digging deeper into the application, and customizing your reports so that you can get the most out of them.

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